My Tips about Low-Budget Tickets

Just last November 8, 2017 it was announced through MMI Live (one of Philippine’s concert producers) that Paramore is coming back to the Philippines. Of course I received tachycardia and hot flushes when I saw the post on Facebook. My mind immediately researched my financial resources, which I realized could only afford as of that moment a General Admission ticket worth 1325 php. And that resource(s) includes personal allowance alone.

And yes, for only 1325 php! Bu VIP? Only 8,000 php. I know right. My classmates admittedly told me, “In other concerts, 8, 000php is just General Admission.” I don’t know for what reason the tickets only sold for 8,000php; but for sure that’s the point what this blog post is for.


And since it was low-budget there was more space for scalpers and scammers to get in to the concert and hoard tickets in trade of a bigger amount.

So as not to fall in pits like this, the first reminders lie on how to avail the tickets upon release… and so…


  • Update online? NO. Pure no, pure no when you don’t have a Paypal or any bank account. I was about to checkout the ticket I got upon entering the online store at exactly 10:00am but when I reached the box where it was asking me for a bank account, I was shookt. And, the slot was gone with the wind, pronto dente as well.

But for any reason, don’t shop online anymore. Your slot, your desired, seat could easily be taken away by those with faster and harder access either online or an actual and real outlet store.


  • INSTEAD, line up personally. I got my ticket by making sure that I will have access both online and line up. The former, I stayed in an internet café because connections in most cafes are faster than the ones we have at home, especially if you stay on the outskirts of the city: town and province. Other than that, I asked my mother who had a nearer outlet store to line up for me just in case haven’t gotten any online.


  • HAVE SOME PATIENCE. The tendency for low- budget tickets is to get sold out, say, in 18 minutes. Yes, 18 minutes. But I asked my mother, through phone, to wait until her number on the screen is called, at least to expect that there will be any open slot. Luckily, the people in line who got first before her gave up, some of them went home instead, some of them got obviously mad (who wouldn’t right?), while some of them just waited for sure. Lucky part no. 2: my mother got a ticket of Lower Box Standing.


  • AND YES, DO NOT GIVE UP. Because there are slots that will open unexpectedly just like mine. Lower box standing wasn’t in the official seat plan of the MMI Live (the event organizer) but they legit-ly opened them for us, so my mother who was on the line took it, and through the given reasonable price I could say that it was legit.


  • ALSO, THERE ARE SLOTS THAT WILL OPEN because some customers who reserved online cannot or do not pay them on the said expected date. What happens is that the slot automatically opens as the outlet stores are computer-generated just like most online transactions are.


  • LASTLY, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SCALPERS AND SCAMMERS. I repeat, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SCALPERS AND SCAMMERS. They are the people who illegally and wrongly hoard tickets simply by not following rules on how to avail tickets. When the event says only 4 tickets, some people with strong access and connection will avail, let’s say, 18tickets through one transaction. And yes, they can do it and they do it simply because they want to, and they can. People like this, or some of them, will sell the ticket for an increased price or maybe double the original, so don’t be fooled. But there are those who sell them on reasonable price for a reasonable reason, so for cases like this, ensure a meet up before buying or availing the ticket.


That’s it guys!!! I hope they are a good reminder on how to avail tickets the next time you will watch or avail any kind of ticket for any kind of event. As for me, I will be watching the PARAMORE TOUR FOUR [!!!! my heart is so not crying huhuhu] \ in Manila and I couldn’t tell you anymore how excited I am to finally see them!!!

Hoping you will drop by again, and if you’re any Parawhore as well I’m sending my HIIIIII!!! *waves*

But if  a Parawhore who’s also watching the concert next year, SEE YOUUUUU!!!

Join the official groups and page through PARAMORE PHILIPPINES (PARAWHORES) on facebook. Log in to your account and here’s the link.





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