Paramore Tour Four MANILA

Today marks the first day of what I feel like the major plot twist we have all been asking for, and the universe has prepared exclusively for me. i told myself that if this happens, if this concert will be possible through a hardly earned ticket, then i will claim this as my plot twist before 2018 and 🎆tadah 🎆 IT JUST DID!
To note, I think today, November 23, 2017, is already one of the best days of my Life. And it wasn’t an easy peasy to be in such feeling. Today all I ever did was to stare at the screen, hoping for the online ticket store to be refreshed until I’ll be able to finally score one. Luckily I have my mother asked in SM Manila to line up for me and buy a ticket for me instead. Lol, it’s not the same as that Alexa Ilacad’s issue tho (a celebrity from Philippines who accordingly “hoarded” 18 tickets when only 4 possible tickets could be transacted from each concert goer). But anyway, like me, she was willing to wait in line, hoping that something will come up until a ticket will be available, and we were technically on the same track. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t leave the screen, I was already panicking deep inside; but I said a little prayer to 1.) Reserve me a ticket, oh God and 2.) Keep my mother (and my niece with her) safe as they line up and avail a ticket.
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At around 4:00 pm, I was lietarlly giving hopes up, imagining myself already to sulk in a corner when the day ends, and maybe allow myself to get depressed and address the sad feeling until I could move on… Until, she called and she officially announced it to me that she was able to avail a just recently announced LOWER BOX STANDING tickets and I was already freaking out, deep inside again. But this time, in a good way. Could hardly breathe at that moment, the good kind of tachycardia and dyspnea, and I literally jumped on my spot again and again, screaming until the whole world could know that… LOWER BOX‼️‼️ STANDING‼️‼️ HAHAHAHA
So anyway, all the while I was so happy that my mom was able to finally score a ticket after hours of waiting and literally hoping (also called “nagbabaka-sakali”), I was already thinking about the Universe’s BIG conspiracy for me to be able to watch this concert. I’ve been a die hard fan since forever and I just couldn’t believe that I will literally be watching them through my own eyes, my big blurry wide eyes (hehehe). I was thinking that when you want something, you will pave every way until nothing could stop you just so you will get where you want and you will have what you wanna have. Because, it wasn’t an easy peasy (again) to even save up money for the would-have-been beautiful VIP tickets in just two weeks!! (it’s been two weeks since the concert organizers announced the official coming of Paramore in the Philippines).
I was thinking that when you want something, you will pave every way until nothing could stop you just so you will get where you want and you will have what you wanna have.
SO yeah, today marks one of the biggest and happiest days of my life, and it’s still just the start. The concert will be on February 18 next year and I haven’t got the airplane tickets yet, let alone the money for it (hehe). 😅And as for that I am very grateful to God for answering my prayer, and for my friends, family, bestest friends, closest friends who never stopped listening to my rants and worries about how will I make my wish possible.
As for everyone who wasn’t able to score a ticket yet, for still hoping from resellers, scalpers or hoarders themselves, DON’T GIVE UP GUYS!!! And then pray for it. I’m not giving out false hopes but instead let’s believe and be positive that the universe will also adhere to our desires to be able to watch the concert.
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and here’s a fake happy pic to root for all you guys (hehehe)
*Also, check out my other post about Paramore through these links:
I wrote something about them after I saw the Fader Magazine interview of Hayley Williams, and the blog post is about how Paramore became the calmness to my panic attacks. ^_^ Be inspired!

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