Get Lost in the BGC

BGC or Bonifacio Global City was always at the top of my list of places to visit when I went to Manila. Outside from the Market! Market! itself, you’ll already find many other bookstores, cloths stores sites for fun and leisure. But to honestly have a fun-filled afternoon (as I imagine it to be) in the big place, here are some of my suggested to-go places and therefore tips on how not to get lost (just like I did, oops!)

  • 1. Market! Market!

Upon entering the mall, all I was able to spot were the signage 50% OFF, 70% OFF and big SALE SALE SALE. I took look at the selected items and not that they are only branded, but they are indeed of quality that I may be looking for in a pair of pants, a set of coloring materials (as I am also a letterer) and other stuff that has long been on my wish list.

However, one shop that caught my attention was this one called: the perfect white shirt. It’s a store unit at Market! Market! with lots and lots of… *drum roll* Harry Potter merchandise that I could buy as a collection (!!!) Yes, I know right. If you’re one Potterhead as well, just as I am, you will have an additional reason to save up for *that* and *that* and *that.* I will definitely go back to that place and grab the opportunity to drag all those HP merch available (hopefully.)

  • 2. The Book Stop Shop

Heading to the west part of the entire BGC, you will find yourself in a looooong line of diners and bookshops and therefore an entire huge space for leisure and.. maybe photography. Located at the Bonifacio High Street, Serendera, BGC, the Book Stop Shop is an organization (I think) that promotes the “Give a book, get a book” process. It’s easy…. uhm you just need to self-internalize their slogan (haha, yeah). I didn’t get a book during my visit, but I definitely took the chance to take a scan at the books and it was surreal to finally spot the place you’ve only seen on Facebook or elsewhere other than the *REAL THING* at that time.

  • 3. FullyBooked

Still at Bonifacion High Street, you will find a hugely amazing artwork of stacked books piled into a masterpiece. Yes (the picture below), I think Fully Booked BGC is already famous for this work of art, but it’s still different when you take a little bit closer and examine what this is made of: paperback and hardbound books (obviously). It was different for me because “Aaaw, these books… it was such a waste to paint them instead,” deep inside of me. But it was worth the chance because take a look at the imagination books can give us INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

It was wonderful.

  • 4. Typo

Next stop: just beside Fully Booked, you’ll find yourself in a store of fancy and unique stuff (so unique I hardly saw them in Divisoria or in Recto haha). I loved how they reminded me to *SEE BELOW*

And so I immediately headed to…

  • 5. Art Bar

ART BAR!!!!!!! ❤ It has always been a must-go place as well because not just that it’s a famous art store but… I wanted to experience the place and the fine dine they could offer. When you buy an item at their shop, you can also avail yoruself some sweets such as doughnuts paired with a drink. Enjoy yourself by lettering and doing arts while eating, both just outside their store! It’s amazing because you can have a place to journal and maybe draw the front view, giving you way to one day remember what your BGC trip was like.

Mine was rainy and dramatic, yet meaningful. I hand lettered there, in one of my notes, the importance of #MentalHealthDay, and as both a writer and a nursing student (I have told you aready that I am, have I not?) the hashtag was of importance to me.


So that’s it! And lastly, for you to not get lost just as in any other city, please do bring and enable your Google Maps. It’s one simple instruction, but everything is already there. Or maybe yet, to have a souvenir of your own, avail a map in one of the local places!

Until then, thanks for dropping by,




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