Come Back 

Hello, people of the internet! 

This is me, again. And I’m back… kind of. I admit I’ve gone hiatus for the last two months. I realized I did when I opened my wordpress blog and tadah, my last post was July 26, 2017 and it was about a heartbreaking moment of the band Paramore… I admit one of my reasons why I haven’t gotten online is that, I didn’t have much inspiration around me… I woke up for days and I felt almost nothing, just the pressure in my head and hands about a day’s, if not class, exams then exams then duty on hospitals. They all burned out the energy in me to find inspiration around and that’s such a sad breaking point…. 

So anyway, I’M BACK. Hahaha and there’s been a lot I missed out about the world’s trends rn. One of them is Tay’s #LWYMMD music and music video. I saw on twitter she’s gonna have another music release, and oohhh I’m kinda excited about that… 

And let’s see more updates of her new release #ReadyForIt 😍 (more of this later). 

But hey, there’s also a good thing about missing out on things, ’cause I actually did a lot about other mundane things: watch movies, download music and read books. I poured my time among these mundanes in between my classes and duties. I’ve picked out on a lot of favorite music playlists and bookshelves, and I think that’s what my next posts are going to be about. 😊 hope you’ll be excited because I am too [!!!] My faves aren’t much tho. But here will be a lot more to come. And this time THEY WILL BE DIFFERENT. 

me dropping hints 💕

You’ll know it. 😊 You’ll experience it. 😊
Yeap, that’s all my post for now. Just signing in again to remind everyone that behind both a hype and loud girl like me, I still got a lot of thoughts inside me. What do you do with so much thoughts anyway, you let them out, right? 


Always, venturairish


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