My Paramour πŸ’•

Paramore has calmed me into moments when I myself cannot calm me anymore. We all come accross moments when something gets overwhelming, and worse when that “something” is Life in general. But amidst all the madness and cry I wanna cry out, Paramore has taken over to tell me that in whatever situation I may be in, they are always my escape. 
Escape for you may sound like calm music and broken, sad songs. But to me, the more Paramore makes noise and rock, the more my world gets calm. I guess it’s in our personality. I’m the kind of person who’s very outgoing and wants to be outgoing, and it sh*ts the hell out of me everytime I am trapped inside, everytime I wanna be mad and I cannot be mad. Everytime the Phoenix encaged in me cannot rage itself in a wildfire. I guess that’s how Paramore became my only paramour. Their music suits me, and fits me. You see, paramour is a French word that means “partner in love”. And I guess my sentence just makes all the sense. 

It’s just a sad and heartbreaking story that the Nu-metal band who is much like Paramore, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, had to die. I mean, he didnt’t have to. He took his own life, and that’s… that’s not an act of calling for attention. That’s an act showing that he’s not one weak person. In fact, he was strong. Maybe the only strong person, who did not give up on everybody else, up until his time. 

*May his soul Rest In Peace.* 

It’s a sad story because Paramore’s Hayley Williams, as I see, also came accross moments where she already wanted to give up, for the band. But just like her intro during a concert where she repeatedly said, “I have faith,” this woman has the youth in her where a little girl once struggled to bring herself into the coming-of-age era. 

But all the way I’m thankful for Hayley she didn’t give up. In fact, one member came back. Zac Farro, half of the Farro Brothers who once made up the whole band, came back around 2017 and wrote music with Hayley, for Hayley; with us and for us Parawhores. 

I will always feel excited and glad and proud I am one big Parawhore. If it wasn’t for their lyrics and Hayley’s voice I wouldn’t have been able to reflect the person I am: outgoing and crazy. Crazy in a good way. 

I will never forget the first time I fell in love with Paramore. Well, actually I’ve come accross The Only Exception when I was about 13 years old but I was jeje and didn’t know much about the world at that time, not even my taste for music, so I deliberately took lightly of them. But of course I was already listening to them. They used to be in my sister’s playlist in a phone I so envied to have. But that was ages ago. 

Because fast forward when I was 16, I was watching for good show on TV when the channel landed to MTV. Halfway through the music of Still Into You, I didn’t mind about the lyrics nor the video. I minded about the beat. Then the hair color. Then the choreography. Then her shoes (yes!!!) Then the title and the artist. 

Still Into You by Paramore

It said. 

After that I searched about their music. Self-titled album. All We Know. Brand New Eyes. Name it. Name every album. Name. Every. Music. 

I fell in love in an instant, most especially with That’s What You Get. The lyrics fit for me, as well as the theme: coming-of-age punk. 

From then on I decided who I wanna be. I started wanting to sing, for more; make music videos or even record album on my own. And I did them! I’m just hiding the files, never ready to show it about to the world tho. Since then everytime I wanted an escape whether from a heartbreak or from an idle Friday, I turn to them. And do mini concert in my room, with loud voice. Loud voice, okay? Bc to everyone who hasn’t heard yet, I pretty much have a good voice too. There’s no doubt about that! πŸ˜‚βœŒ 

“Ain’t it fun, living in a real world?” Got high in an ‘Ain’t It Fun’ concert! \m/ lolololol πŸ™‚ #Yow

Kidding aside, let this be my official #ParamoreAppreciation post. One day when I am able, I will travel all the lands and continents it could get me just to see them, just to be beside Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Josh Farro in a picture. It will sure be one of the most amazing dreams. (I’ve already felt what it was like to be next to one of my idols, and I can tell you it was U N F O R G E T A B B L E). Hahaha

Still, all thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven’t posted much, yes, because I decided I need to set my priorities and July was actually a very good ride. 😊 (it should be, it’s my birthmonth hahaha) 

So all the way thankyou and we love you.



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