How I got my own Hand Lettering Style

A lot of ย people, most especially my friends– thanks to y’all– have been asking about how I started with this hobby of lettering, and how I became actually quite so good at it.

First off, I’d like to introduce to you my creativity and arts inspiration who is… *drum roll* Abbey Sy. I was once strolling through a bookstore when I found this blue book that really got my attention. I’ve actually known about the book, I just didn’t have access how to avail it, until that time. I knew I was already in love with letters and words as if painted to become an image, but I knew I fell more in love when I bought and read it at home right away.

Sneak Peaks from the inside of the book โค

Upon reading its pages on how to combine different fonts and letters, I already wanted to try. And be an instant pro! Which, I found out, was impossible because it took the author years to be able to publish such artwork and books, what more could I? But hey, dreaming and holding onto hopes off crashing almost everything in my bucketlist won’t be as difficult as it may seem, ’cause I love what I’m doing.

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

So I started following through the guidelines and tips and here are some artworks I’ve made by myself. In the first part of the book the author introduced background idea about calligraphy as well as materials we can use for hand lettering. Any paint marker, pen or coloring pens will do, as long as they will suit our style and make an artwork of our own. And so I started with poster paints just as those pages from the book were published, and here’s what mine looked like.

I know, I know. They suck, right? They DID. There’s a difference, though. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Because overtime, over my free period in school or at home I’ve been addicted with actually doing this thing. I found myself reading more quotes from the internet and from the books and then paint them as images in my head, which then upgraded into something like these…

And since I had much access through inspirational thoughts and words, I found many other ways to enhance the letters and even add designs. I started buying brush pens, a set of coloring pens; and also piles and piles of sketchpad. Because the adrenaline inside of me couldn’t get her feet stayed just at home and actually doing nothing but to stay idle. She wanted to go out, make things happen and do something worth of her time.

And I found out that as an artist (lol, I don’t think I can give myself that credit yet haha) or as a letterer, I needed to do experimentation with pens and paintbrushes, which made me a candidate for total broke-ness. But even if so I knew that this is one step of unleashing the artist in me, so still, I bought many other set of pens and paint brushes and poster paints. Over time I realized I just needed to choose one material make it my constant buddy until I will find the font style that my hands will just intuitively draw. Which falls back to the ABC mantra of Always Be Creating *correction, not Creative, but Creating*.

I agree with the mantra, and I insist it with my friends who always thought they saw it “Creative” not “Creating.” Because it’s true. That in arts, or in whatever field you are in, you always have to practice and train yourself to be the best. You have to challenge yourself everyday to get up and do the same thing you wanna learn and perfect about, until you will no longer need training or supervision from other people, from your seniors, or from any book. At. All. How can I say this? I should know. I, as a nursing student, have been demanded and trained in school to master the skills and learning experiences we are given every time. And I think it has really much helped me not just with the Nursing arts or Arts, but with Life, in general; in such ย way that I’ve become more interested in learning about so many other mundane things. ย And then actually just enjoy it.

And going back, this is what I’ve become with the wild interest in me to learn and be an actual pro of lettering (hahaha)… More on instagram account @venturairish

So then again, my advice for you to become actually good at lettering too (because you can, you absolutely you can) is that to know your own style and follow through it. There was a part in the ABC book that said we don’t need to copy other artworks from other artists on the internet, we just need to find our own style and continue doing the things that set our hearts afire. We just have to find our passion over the little things, and therefore our own style of publishing artworks. And then overtime we will realize that we found ourselves already.ย 

It happened to me. It was like the artworks have been a reflection of who I am, what I am or how was I feeling when I made every frame. It just felt like a connection between Arts and the Art herself that made me know myself better.ย 

And this is how I found my lettering style: through practice and learning, which resulted to me finding my own self too.

So to everyone– my friends and ate’s in our community, — you can start now with handlettering! I don’t say I will be having workshops, nor promotions here (haha) but I could literally say to start creating and always be. Because it is then in practice that we perfect what we wanna fully learn about.

And I will be forever grateful with how I discovered lettering and the style of my own!


Always and all the best,

Ventura Irish


10 thoughts on “How I got my own Hand Lettering Style

  1. Wow. I just dropped by to say that was a very wise post in many different ways. But I really like where you said, “you always have to practice and train yourself to be the best. You have to challenge yourself everyday to get up and do the same thing you wanna learn and perfect about, until you will no longer need training or supervision from other people, from your seniors, or from any book. At. All.” THAT was pure wisdom there.

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