Journaling Since Forever

My journal has been my very best friend for the past months. It has held so much of the stuff I do everyday as well as the dreams that are going on inside my silly head. My journal has held so much of the things I already did and still wanna do someday… and just recently it contains much of my fangirling modes over the movies, actors and music I’ve been spending most of my time with.

It was only this third year college when I started journaling, as inspired by the best-sellng artist and author from Manila, Abbey Sy. Through her first book until the second I was inspired to unleash the artist inside of me which I never really thought I had. As a nursing student, let alone a college student; and a girl who has always wanted to chronicle much of the inspiration and dreams around her, it was difficult to adjust and make time for studying and journaling at that time. But if you love the things you do, how had could anything possibly be?

So now I am about to share with you what are the insides and insights of my journal. I kinda feel shy making this blog post because of the contents anyone can peep in through the shots of my journal, but I just want to show ideas of my own so there’s nothing really wrong. Is there?


Right here is the cover of my journal. The other one looked like plain and boring, I know. Until I had the chance and the mood do design it, and naturally found out that just like a wonderfully covered book, I am a story waiting to be told. 


One of the things I write inside my yet to be published book (I thought of it just now) are the things I did out of a plain and idlesome day. Most of the time I read books, magazines and any literary I can grab hold on to (which is everywhere and everytime); and then I write the insights I experienced and found out while reading that particular liteary piece.

Above is an issue of Candy Magazine with my fave Pinay Artist Liza Soberano on a page. The issue talked most about Geeks (us) as the New Chic and it was just hell of an accurate statement.


This may sound funny, and also therapeutic (haha) but I also write #DearSelf series on my journal. It’s actually good, it’s actually calm feeling and in fact very postive-y because in this world full of riots, negative vibes, immaturity and vanity; I am able to still bring out the best that I can be, in a way where I have intelligent (wow) talks with myself. I think we all need this hahaha. This, taking and making time to talk with ourselves, injecting doses and doses of happiness and positivity within us, because Life is too short and Happiness is a choice. Make it yours too.


However there are also days when I only feel like doodling and lettering. And oh the other page you can see that it’s all words. And yes, I am the kind of journal keeper who’s full of words to say and to write that it almost gets annoying if a page isn’t enough. Which happens all the damn time. It sucks because it makes me feel like it’s about to be the end when I’m not even yet ready for the end. It just does. Still, it’s my best friend so I love it anyway, and I treat just accordingly.


Sometimes I also do flatlay. Inside the pages, yes.


And oh, btw I found this old journal of mine. Take note, just the first one with pictures, the other’s not mine actually. So I found this old journal of mine which I wrote when I was about 12 years old (?). At that time I really did not know I was already journaling. I only love pasting developed pictures and writing in them. Then I realized that ooh, journaling has really been inside of me since forever.


So that’s it guys! Hope you had new ideas on how to start up with the journal of your own. Not to mention that it’s mid-year already so you might have a lot of things to journal about by now. You should haha.

Looking forward for the inspirations to come along! Have a good day.



Ventura Irish


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