Only You

13 Reasons Why. That’s where I got this song. I played it on Youtube and Spotify, downloaded the song file, played it a million times and until now I am still in love; not just with the song but the entire TV series. I have a lot to say about this teen drama series. Basically because as teenagers, most of us or I for one can relate except for the suicidal ideation part, of course. But, I will have another blog post for that so hang in there a minute.

And since I am a letterer, and maybe then consider myself a visual artists (hihi) I thought of uploading the lyrics in a yet most fashionable way. Though, honestly, I have also always wanted to publish a lyric video myself, I just couldn’t find the right time and the right resources, and maybe the right software to publish one so maybe I’m not really going to crash that from my bucketlist. For now.

So here it is…

I think I might want to talk about the feels this song gives me. I never knew how so many people fall in love with Selena Gomez’s voice, I’m really not just one of her fans. But there’s something in her voice that makes me difficult to recognize that it’s hers once I hear any for the first time. I wouldn’t give any other examples because she has a lot of good music as I believe… but this song just gives me the creeps and the feels. Not to mention that she’s also an Executive Producer of the 13 Reasons Why, and oooh girl power, really.

This part of the song before the chorus enters gives me the damn feels when I remember Clay Jensen’s face losing Hannah… when everytime he realizes he could have done something to save her, to help her but he just didn’t. That face and that realization break my heart every freaking time; just like it does to you, 13RW fanatics.

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset
All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset
And all I ever knew
Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset
Only you

Truly, I could admit to you I am in love with this song’s chorus. </3 It’s both beautiful and aching, which makes it achingly beautiful. Like, the realization that Hannah could have been saved. We can all relate with her, right? The part when we could have had anything we wanted, we just gave up and never pursued anymore the things we think are falling apart. Until everything just went from warm orange to cold blue, everything becomes blue. Now that sounds like a #hugot or “punchline” wew.

So this part is the second verse which makes also gives the feels. If any of you has watched the series, [OKAY, SPOILER ALERT !!!!11] if you remember, this part of the song was played when Clay already got out from Mr. Porter’s office and then he just saw Hannah along the hallways. He saw her there as if she was still there will always remember that part of the tv series. Like, it’s the cue that things are really ending the series is about to end… and already the cue that there will be a Season 2 [!!!!] Ikr. Just checked out on Dylan’s (Clay Jensen) comments and there they are, riding onto S2, yikes!

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Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset


If you guys wanna watch the whole lyric video, which you definitely should, here’s the youtube link:

Only You by Selena Gomez



Ventura Irish


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