They say the ones who wait get to have the best shot. And I do believe in that. But take it from a woman who has anxiety problems slash overthinking issues like me that waiting on something could be the best choice you have ever made. 

Nowadays we have come so good at just settling. Settling for this, for less, for somebody we don’t deserve. And I, for one, have been in this kind of relationship for such a long time. People didn’t take me seriously the way I told myself I’ll keep them. People didn’t take care of the trust I could hand them. People didn’t take a priority the kind of love only I can give them. Until the time that everything just snapped and I couldn’t tolerate things like this any longer.

And so I left. Good thing that I left. I walked away. Because I don’t wanna settle. I don’t wanna fix myself on “just this” when I could have more of THESE. I don’t want to just dream my dreams, I wanna realize them wide awake. I don’t want to just see the horizon, I wanna set my feet on the horizon. I don’t wanna resort to last choice and I don’t want to be just a last resort. Because I am not.

I wanna be chosen and be kept. I wanna waste my time on myself, loving myself and the closests who chose to stay. I wanna set straight on something not just casual but something that is deep. And luckily I have found them.

So darling if you feel like you’re in the ambivalence of taking a shot on something you think you deserve more– whether it’s career, love, studies, law/med school– I can tell you: not settling for something you less deserve is not a loss, it’s actually a gain.

They say the waiting will be long. But even the longest nights break into dawn. Love and Lovelife is such a very big responsibility and choice you have to ponder on. You don’t wanna settle for someone who couldn’t treat you any way better.

Do you?

Or don’t you?


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