Manchester x Marawi

My thoughts regarding the ongoing war in Marawi, bombing in Manchester and terrorism in all parts of the world:

First off ofc I am deeply saddened with all of these news and these attacks. It’s a sole sign that this world, our world, has already lost its humanity; and all that has taken over are the selfishly inhuman thoughts of ruining many innocent lives. How pity it is we are in the world where almost everyone advocates peace but still find themselves feared of one shot that can end a life. Our world has become in love with vanity, profanity and in-humanity that one second the people are having fun in a concert, the next second bombings happened and everyone was covered with tension. Ofc she blames herself on these lives that are lost for if it wasn’t for her concert there would not have any reason for gathering and in turn it would not have cost any lives. Queen, you are not the root of all these bombings, the terrorist will take the blame. 

Second, I am alarmed that Marawi City is under siege bc it’s just hours away from the city I am in, and I couldn’t imagine spending another month staying at home in case they, the ISIS themselves, come to our place. I wouldn’t want what happened last Septemeber 2013 to repeat itself this time in our place, with even heavier and more armed attacks. Not now, not ever again. 

And in line with these heartbreaking and alarming news, I for one will stand out stating that Muslims are not terrorists. I am deeply connected and in touch with my Muslim friends here in our place and I would hate that person who ever says that Muslims are to be blamed. Though so far I haven’t seen any post or status saying they are. Or else, I wouldn’t know what I could do. 😡

Moreover I hope we are reminded that even in the darkest times like this, a single prayer in the altar, not a hashtag in the media, will start to change even just a part of everything. One kneeling in the altar and a light of the candle, along with a very sincerely heartful prayer will be one contribution that behind all of newsflash about terrorist attacks, that however long the night will be, the dawn will also come. Not only for our brothers and sisters in the Marawi, for the people of Manchester and Syria, but for the entire people of the world seeking healing and liveful spirit. We will also dawn to that day that no more fights, no more gunshots, no more wars, no more Martial Law; but only the realization of peace and calmness, even if it might take forever before we will even have a taste of them. 

So pray. I believe you already did. 


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