Missing Manila

It’s been about two weeks since I came to my hometown, and in those two weeks the most saddening news I received was the siege going on in the nearby City of Marawi. I told myself that if it wasn’t for the life and academe I have left here I would not have come back (hehe). Still, I missed a lot and still have a lot of other stuff to do so need to do them before deadline. 

But behind everything, I wanna go back to the places I couln’t even have a sight of atm *sad face ๐Ÿ˜”* I don’t know. I miss the entire place, both those coffee shops and street food stalls I visit where I do all of my mundane little things (e.g. dreaming, writing, lettering โœŒ) hehehe. I don’t know what to actually conclude this blog post with, but I’m thinking of throwback-ing the amazing places I’ve been to. *that can somehow ease the missing feeling of being back in a big city* so here are some: 

National Museum of Natural History and Anthropology (beside Rizal Park) 

I visited the museum once, by myself (hihi) and it was amazing to lose yourself in the artwork of things done ages and ages ago. Both the replica and originally carved objects somehow gave me goosebumps thinking that these all… survived. It’s as if some of them are as good as fossils but still as amazing as historical. 

Malacaรฑang Palace Museum

The painting is in place in one of the rooms in the President’s Museum. Malacaรฑang Palace is the residence of our country’s President… and the security in there is as tight as it should be. There were real bullet proof vans I’ve seen and somehow out of curiousity (and maybe ignorance, first time to see) I was amazed (๐Ÿ˜‚) The painting behind is just the background because here’s another picture and we just made a troll out of it (peace ๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ) 

I was with my sisters that day ๐Ÿ˜‚

Moving on…. 

Now let’s go to Fort Santiago, Intramuros, another historical place in the Philippines. Actually the most amazing part in this place are the buildings and walls that aren’t just made of cement or ordinary cement, but the ones when you touch them or tap on or look closely into are the infrastructures that are obviously strong… of course they are. They were built centuries and years ago and here they are still, standing so tall, all worth of instagram post (hihi) BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING. The architecture and the materials used, I mean. Though I don’t know much about architecture or engineering facts hahaha still these were all worth my time. 


Now let’s proceed to the city life I am talking about. This place is the part where many bookstores, vendors, shopping malls are in place. It’s a big part of the city where most commercials are in, plus bigger and wider streets and highways are also in here. I photgraphed this part where Manong has just finished sweeping the place and I was just waiting for a jeepney ride, because it clearly entails a lowkey life of being in the Philippines. Aww. Actually I appreciate the lowkey people (I admit I am also one) because it just shows that even if we are the people who got no money in our bag, we just laugh it out, we’re just happy people (according to researches). And because even if we don’t have so much means to attain a rich and wealthy life, we are able to find other ways to sustain our happiness even if it doesn’t require much money. Awww

And lastly…

I’m back in this place agaiiiiin. I just had a shot of this… and obviously it’s not really a sunny and happy mood. Blame it all on the HUMID WEATHER ๐Ÿ˜ก huhu the heat here is different, as usual. But nah I missed the entire place and.. “okay, brain, back to where you exactly are: home.” 

Nothing I can do. Adventures are calling but I need to do my life so… 

I’ll be back. 


Ventura Irish 


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