Battle of the Nightingales 

Hi everyone! This post isn’t about lifestyle or handlettering but this is one achievement I am always proud of, so far, as a Nursing student (I also haven’t told anyone I’m enrolled in a Nursing school pshhhh).

But it feels good to reminisce some memories (especially bc it’s been three months since our winning) sooo here are some snippets ⬇⬇

At Emedia Mo studio. Emedia Mo is a local media center that brings news and even entertainment to everyone. 

The photo was taken during our interview in their studio bc the company was also a sponsor of the Battle of the Nightingales competition.

​To date, it’s exactly three months since the Championship. Everytime I come accross these snippets I still need a little pinch to be reminded how grateful I was since day1 for the opportunity to compete, let alone to win the competition. At first none of us could even ingest that were already winning until it was officially announced and all huge smiles were radiating (haha) It was no joke going through our lessons again right from the start of Nsg school, because along with the motivation and doubt in us, the anxiety attacks used to be also real. I couldn’t forget those nights. .

The A Team (loljk) my other two colleagues so full of beaut but me nah (😭) hahaha

But anyhow one of our very own is taking not just another exam but the fate that she has prepared for througout her life in WMSU Nsg, and as for that I do hope and pray you’ll make it through, Ate Jeh. Hahaha lam nyo na po yung pinag usapan natin. But ofc also praying for all NLE takers this year. May GOD BLESS you all po! ❤☝

This is everyone right from the sponsor to the college facutly and ofc the winners (hehe) 

PS I went to sch and was told that there had a commending of our achievement last May, and all thanks again to the West Metro MC and to WMSU fam for the recognition we received from this competition. There’s nothing much to note but still… all thanks to everyone. 
Thanks for dropping by! Mwa 


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