Lettering at Tsokolate

And since I had the chance to visit an amazing cake shop like Tsokolate I never missed out the chance as well to showcase again my talent on handlettering (hihi) so here are some masterpieces: 

Journals|| Travels || Coffee || Cakes || Roadtrips || City Lights || Fashion || Style 

These notes are the words you can describe me with, as I believe. Because these are the definitions of me, these are the descriptions of me and I am in love with each one. 😍 Not much details on each of the words but hope you’ll be note them as true in this blog. 

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” –Tyrion Lannister

T R U E. Once you’ve admitted your mistakes, once you’ve realized for youself that, “Uh oh, what I did was wrong. Okay, I need to do something about it,” congrats! Youre growing up! Loljoke. But congrats because you actually won the argument. It means you are humble enough to ask for forgiveness from the ones whom you hurt. And powerful enough to let the opponent know that you are mistaken and you are in full knowledge of it. He cannot blame you anymore. 

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page. SAY YES TO ADVENTURES! 

Yeah, I know it’s not at all related from the first artwork but hey, it’s also true. Once you have a mindset of being just here, of settling with something just this; tsk tsk you’re making a huge mistake with your life, honey. Because you are so much capable of anything, of everything,  it only requires you to get out of the comfort zone and to never settle! This world and this life has so much to offer, and you only have one so make the most out of it! 

The truth is, your journey as a human will never reach destination or a happier path until you learn to love yourself. 

Have I told you yet that I’m also an advocate of self-love? Lol hahaha. Yes, because it’s one bee taken away from me, or rather not that I chose it to be that way but I’ve already experienced what it’s like to lose myself trying to understand the other person. I was so good and so kind it was almost self-sacrifice everytime, and that it was. Until I realized that I am of worth, and of value; why would I give a part of me to people who do not want to be understood at all? So I walked away. Self-love has come back, and since then all of my paths and my destinations has never been happier.

So that’s all of it guys! And this the smile I am giving you hoping you had some realizations with the words I left here in the blog and the artworks I’ve uploaded. 

(I’m smiling as if hoping you’ll have a great time… and that I am!) 



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