Stop Comparing

The only reason why we never get to achieve anything so far, is the reason that we always compare ourselves with almost everybody else. Don’t deny it, you’ve been through a lot of contrast and comparison situations too. The thing is, if you don’t acknowledge and recognize the strengths you got to achieve what you wanna be in life, you’d never have the idea what “going out there” means.

lost ➡

​lost and nostalgic ⏩◀▶⏪

Getting myself ready for the upcoming exam bc in about days, vacay is already hereee! Also getting ready to leave notes to some special ppl before leaving. 

📷: ate Sharmz 💕 #sissy #instalyf


“Fall in love with yourself, because someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got.” -PARAMORE [|||]

Tried out this multiple shots button on insta bc of a very good featured shirt. 👕 Fave band since forever and their words never failed to send me eargasms and ’13-’14 nostalgic memories. + really glad for their upcoming album. Heard it will be released this year. How cool is that?🎵

👕: @cyberhygienic 

Never judge. 

Never judge anybody through their past. People move on. People do what they wanna do. People say what they wanna say. People show apathy towards both. You probably should start doing the same, too. 

Cause you can’t just pull a person down from the place she worked so hard to be in. You just can’t. 
📷👟: @ Intramuros, Manila (would def go back bc haven’t gone yet to the fort itself) ✌

Always Be Creating

As my favorite artist Abbey Sy’s mantra Always Be Creating, the words have definitely inspired me to always and always make artworks… which then led me to be definitely creative as well! It takes a little effort to start doing, but a great deal to continue doing artworks because you know, the drive also sometimes gets lost. But nevertheless, we all should be reminded that if we love doing a certain thing, there’s no job that needs to be done. We only have a hobby that needs to be enjoyed being done. And as for me, creating artworks is the one!

Have a nice and creative day!